Stand Up for ©ulture – Yes to a fair reform

On 12 September, the European Parliament voted in favour of a
balanced reform of copyright. 439 MEPs supported this reform,
find your MEPs in the list and thank them.

The draft legislation is now being discussed between the Council of
Ministers, the Parliament and the Commission before it returns to
the whole Parliament for a final vote.

A balanced copyright reform is key for the sustainability of EU
cultural and creative sectors, and the book ecosystem is an
essential part of it.

Books have a key role in education, research and knowledge.
The draft legislation foresees exceptions on text and data mining,
illustration for teaching and preservation that will impact books. It is
essential that each of these exceptions are balanced. It is also
crucial that when a book is used under an exception, the money paid
for that use is shared by the authors and the publishers. The final
legislation must respect that balance.

It is European. It is technical. Yet, it will shape the future of our
cultural and creative sectors.

Thanking MEPs for their vote
Testifying on the impact of the legislation
Supporting a fair compromise when the text comes back to Parliament

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